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    The property that Hemlock Grove Campground now sets upon has belonged to four generations of the management, and had been a vision of my fathers’ for many years.

    As a tribute to him (Albert W. Jariz) saw his vision come to life before his death in 2012. He enjoyed many days helping and interacting with our customers over many years, and was very proud of our accomplishments, and will always be a significant part of this establishment, and will be sadly missed.

    The campground was established in the year 2000 and built from the ground up. It now sits on 32 + acres with 75 sites with an Office, store, rec hall, game room, laundry room, bathhouse, playground and playhouse, with expansions in the future.

    We are very proud of our business, and take great pride in our integrity in setting our standards high, in achieving a family oriented campground for the public to enjoy.

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